About The Michigan Stage

Hello my name is Ben Stout working with Chris as production manager for The Michigan Stage at Cornerstone Festival 2012.

I appreciate your questions about the stage, drums, equipment and PA. The stage will be approx 24' wide and 12' deep. For drums we will have a Pearl kit with Evans recording heads and pro mic's two over, snare, kick and Tom. In a 30' x 60' tent it will cover well. Our goal is to provide a good professional reliable system that will please everyone. I know it is all subjective because we all have our preference, but I can assure you we will do everything reasonable to make it a successful show for everyone participating.

PA Details: drums will be professionally mic'd you can bring your own, kick pedal and cymbals as long as you can change it out yourself quickly! The PA will be driven by two 3400 watt Pro Audio Crest 7401 model two-channel amps, one powers the 18" sub bass cabs and the other powers the 15" Horn cabs (two 18" per side and two 15" per side) We will also have two Shure wireless IEMs with two channels each for a total of four (4) in ear on stage monitor capability. We will also have four (4) wedge 15" monitors 500 watts ea. The board is 32 channel and we will have two live video screens, stage left and right and a rear projection center stage screen for media/lyrics etc...

My background like Chris is extensive in all phases of music production. I have owned my own music store, recording studio, concert venue, and played in bands since I was 14. I have run sound for Hall and Oats, Chic Coria and Johnny Paycheck and many more. I have played bass and opened for national acts such as Three Dog Night, BTO, Journey, Eddie Money, and my favorite Carlos Santana. I also can say not every show goes off flawless. One show we ran with no monitors at all for 5,000 people - ok that was a nightmare. But we got through it.

I am sharing this with you to hopefully give you some peace of mind for the Michigan Stage. Between Chris and myself there is 60 years of experience in the professional music arena. Will it be perfect? we hope so, but probably not, but you have a great professional team behind your band and our goal is to be the best generator stage at the festival. We are not perfect, but the Michigan Stage will be top quality and it will ROCK!

Thanks and I look forward to working with all who plan to perform.

Ben Stout
Production Manager, The Michigan Stage